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Covid-19 Misinformation


Does anyone feel Covid-19 is a hoax, exaggerated, or a lie covering up some other disease? Feel free to say why. Well, I think whatever that is out there is real for sure. I can at least say that!


I know people who’ve suffered COVID 19 so it’s definitely real. It’s not up for discussion. However, when the media get their hands on something, they have a tendency to exaggerate the story for the attempt to increase their readers and profits.

There’s also a lot of false information on social media about the pandemic, so only trust news from reliable sources.

Lord Saru

Misinformation has been undermining our efforts in containing the pandemic greatly. Infact, recognizing this as a new pandemic, the World Health Organization has named this 'obstructionist agenda' as INFODEMIC.

I think, during the course me following the pandemic in other countries and my own, I find that legislators are increasingly being made aware of the issue and are coming forward with requests to make in a penal crime.

I second this.


There’s a lot of coronavirus misinformation in the news. Some news channels are not posting up the real number of cases, in my opinion. Misinformation is whatever comes from the media is probably fake or real depending on your beliefs.


2 days running that the R numbers are going up in the UK, deaths are also starting to increase as we have has 200 yesterday.

Is the second wave on its way?


It's indeed true, Covid-19 is a virus that can't be cured as of now and will be there for unknown period of time, so we should be extra cautious.


Covid-19 is real. I watched videos of people suffering from the virus in different hospitals online. Some get healed, and some died. Italy has the highest number of cases.


I am in the UK where the pandemic is scary at the moment. We have a new more infectious strain here and we are in our third national lockdown. I know people who have been really sick with long covid, people who have ended up in hospital and people who have died. We now have 81,000 deaths. As I am now 70 I should get my vaccination soon and I can't wait.