WINDOWS Cloud storage does not support old Windows OS


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Aug 4, 2020
I wonder why Google Drive and Dropbox have stopped supporting Windows XP. I was using cloud storage since 2013 for my office computer and home computer. It is very convenient since I do not need to use a USB drive anymore. I just log in to Google Drive or Dropbox whether I am in the office or at home and I can easily access my files. But 2 years ago the service was cut and I couldn't access my files on the cloud using my desktop. Until now my desktop is still running on Windows XP. I know if it antiquated already but I am wondering why they have to stop supporting it.


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Oct 9, 2020
I have always noticed that, like when the software is old already, the companies tend to stop supporting it and makes the support outdated. I guess it would not be worth it anymore if they include it everytime they upgrade. They just let the software be left behind.

Anuj Dhawan

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Oct 9, 2020
Google stopped supporting Windows XP as it's old and can introduce vulnerabilities. However, if you want to continue using the Google Drive desktop utility safely, then you will need to get Windows 7 or later. Remember that the later the operating system, the longer period of support you will receive - this also apples with other software too, so it's often worth it, IMHO.


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Jul 29, 2020
People that use old operating systems are just asking for trouble. Update to the latest OS so that you can keep your data safe, and have access to all the new things.