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Clean air act - law for the environment


Aug 4, 2020
We have a law here called Clean Air Act that prohibits anything that would add to the air pollution. Burning garbage or even dry leaves is now illegal. Using incinerators is also prohibited unless there is a permit from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. It is a good law that I hope would be implemented against the smoke emitting vehicles on the road. There are still lots of them.


Here they do Waste to Energy & incinerate them. Guess it's better 'cos it's a more controlled environment. We live on acreage & I do burn trash, paper, etc. Not plastic or anything toxic. We compost a lot & instead of burning leaves or twigs, we just rake them into the wooded areas.


Dec 13, 2020
There are a lot of agency that control air pollution within our nation. No matter how they tried to, they are not archiving a better result. So the best means is to look for alternative means for human activities that contribute to the air pollution.

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