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Clash of undefeated featherweights - Vic Pasillas vs Ranfis Encarnacion

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Aug 4, 2020
Upcoming unbeaten featherweights Vic Pasillas and Ranfis Encarnacion gave a good fight for the audience. Pasillas with a fight record of 15-0 and 8 KOs was slightly the underdog with Encarnacion's record of 17-0 and 13 KOs. But in the fight, Pasillas showed his skills and agility that baffled Encarnacion no end until the fateful 5th round where Pasillas let out a barrage that almost knocked down his Dominican Republic foe. In the 6th, another barrage of heavy punches did the job. Encarnacion went down and his corner threw the towel. Pasillas may now be ready to fight for the title.

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