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Cash or Card - how do you like to pay for your goods?


I normally pay by bank card for my goods because I find it easier but lots of people prefer cash. Since the pandemic many shops are refusing to take cash or cheques so bank card is the only option. How do you prefer to pay for your goods?


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I prefer cash payment most of the time.
There is no such things as technical issue, when it comes to this payment method. Of course it all comes down to individual preferences here.

I don't trust card payment and there are too many horror stories, when it comes to card usage. I will probably switch to card payment sometime, but not anytime soon.


In the UK some shops will not accept cash at the moment because of the pandemic. They think the money will be infected.

I've heard of this, even here in Canada where I live. I like to use cash when I can so that way my Credit card bill isnt as high and it's always good to have cash on your hand in case you need it in an emergency.


I used to prefer cash all the time, but these days I don't really have a preference. Money's fine, cards are fine, so long as I can get what I went in for.