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Can Manchester United win the league title.


Manchester United seems to be doing very fine this season. After they lose to Arsenal, they have been seen to be doing very fine. And currently, they are in third position with an outstanding match.


I don't think so, personally. They're having a fine run of things at the moment, but I still think it's Liverpool's to lose, honestly. They're doing better this year than they've done in a good while, but I think until they get themselves some owners who aren't using the club as a cash machine for their own pockets, they're really going to be hard pressed to re-find the form they once had.


As a Manchester United fan, I certainly hope so. As you said, the team is in a great position right now. However, one of their biggest issues this season has been consistency as we saw in the champions league when they were eliminated despite being in a great position.

Brad P

I'm also a Man United fan and it would be an amazing effect of we did. Liverpool just slipped up so we have an opportunity to beat them and go top.

However as I've been watching lately we can't seem to take the opportunities that are given and take advantage. As much as I hate City I think they will win it this year.