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Campers in the mountain and forest should get a permit


Aug 4, 2020
In our country anyone can go camping anywhere and anytime in the forested area or mountain as long as the place is not privately owned. Such freedom has caused forest fire in the Banahaw mountain such that the town has employed rangers to monitor the campers. I think that should also be enforced in California and Australia that can help prevent the occurrence of forest fires.


Jul 30, 2020
I agree, for the last few years, the wild bush fires have burnt down thousands of acres of precious trees and killed an equal amount of animals, as well as persons and properties. And yet, human negligence is still unchecked. There should be a permit and strict enforcement of laws where camping in forests and mountains is concerned.


Dec 13, 2020
Over the years, as camping around keep springing up among different individuals, government need to establish a law concerning camping, so that the campers don't go against the rules of the society like bush burning and deforestation. Doing such may cause Environment disaster, and might leads to loss of property.

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