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I'M IMPORTANT Become a Chat Banter Loyalist

Hello Chat Banters!

Before i get started explaining the title of this thread, please allow me to explain to you what Chat Banter is... Chat Banter is a place for everyone around the world to relax and say whats on your mind. No pressure, expectations, no judgments. That's what makes Chat Banter so different from every online community. We're all friends here.

Now, you must be saying, "Jay, What is a Loyalist and how do I become one?'. Well... I'm happy you asked that.

Reserved for those who are passionate about the Chat Banter message. The Loyalists are a new group whose sole mission is to spread the word about Chat Banter via online forums, blogs, friends, family, and anyone/where else that would benefit from the Chat Banter family. This is done by simply having conversations with people about Chat Banter and giving them an invite. Being a loyalist has it perks too. For example:
  • Ability to upload profile cover
  • Change user title
  • Custom user title
  • Access to invite system
  • Sweet looking Loyalist badge
  • Become a founder of Chat Banter
You get the perks of owning a piece of Chat Banter without actually being responsible for when something breaks. Sound like a bargain. (y)

So, how do I become a Loyalist?

In order to become a Chat Banter Loyalist you must send us a copy of your drivers license, social security card, and blood type. . . kidding. All that we require for you to become a Loyalist is to simply ask for a position. Chat Banter is just as much your home as it is ours. However, we only are accepting 5 positions at this moment. This thread will stay updated with current standing and more positions may be come available in the future.

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Dec 13, 2020
Having to express ones mind goes a lot in freedom of speech and expression without panic of getting abused or neglected.

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