Bad call of the referee ruined the fight

Aug 4, 2020
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Referee Chris Tognoni fumbled in his call to stop the fight for a foul strike on the groin. Mike Rodriguez was mauling Ed Herman since the first round and in the second round Mike released a knee that hit Herman's chest. But the referee called the strike a foul shot on the groin. That call gave Herman time to recover. In the 3rd round, Rodriguez continued mauling Herman until Herman got a lucky hold on Mike's arm for an armbar and a tap. Herman won by TKO. But in that fateful 2nd round, if the referee did not stop the fight, Herman couldn't stand up anymore so Rodriguez should have won by KO.
What do we have here? After 2 weeks of bad officiating, referee Chris Tgnoni again figured in another booboo. In the prelims of the Covington-Woodley card, Jessica Rose-Clark hit the face of Sarah Alpar with her knee while Sarah was in the act if sitting on the mat. The referee stopped the fight to consult the replay which said that Sarah was not seated yet when hit by the knee which made it a legal strike. But Sarah's face was already a mess and the referee had to stop the fight. But no, Tognoni continued the fight in the same sequence that Sarah was seated while Jessica was standing to pummel Sarah with strikes.

If you will ask me, the fight should have been a TKO right there and then. No need for more punishment.