Avatars, Why Did You Choose Yours?

Jan 25, 2021
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Over the years since the advent of chat rooms and forums, looking at people’s avatars is fascinating to me and sometimes I wonder why a person uses the one they have.
It’s pretty obvious that when someone posts a certain avatar that it means something to the individual and may even provide a little more information about that person. In a way, an avatar kind of opens a doorway into the world of the writer and allows us to peek in and examine what goes on in that world.
A country’s flag might mean that the writer is patriotic, flowers might mean that the person enjoys planting and beauty but there are some out there that are a little scary or maybe a little ambiguous like one guy’s avatar as a werewolf and another’s as E.T.

Personally, I have been known to use several different avatars but in this case I use a lighthouse. Why? To put it simple, because they are strong, almost majestic and stand there marking the way for sailors no matter how harsh the waves and wind might be. Or, maybe just because they’re cool.

So, why or how did you come by your avatar? Was it just a picture you like or does it mean something to you?
I have a few avatars that I use on different forums, but this one has a particular meaning for me as it is an emblem that my hometown football team, Bolton Wanderers, adapted from the Bolton town crest. It bears the Latin creed Supera Moras, which roughly translates to "Overcome Delays," very appropriate for the town of Bolton. I use it as a source of pride, I suppose, but also as a way to support both my team and my home town while on the internet.
I went to Avatar Abyss and picked one that looked cool.
I'm sorry to say that there isn't a bigger story behind my avatar than that.

On one of the forums I frequented, there was an actual "avatar gallery" where you could upload a bunch of avatars and pick the one you like. I remember uploading a bunch of avatars and swapping between them monthly.