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Are you love to play football?

Are you a football player? or play football occasionally?

Yes, I'm a football player and I love to play football. Football is much more than just a game. Football is good for health and mind. No doubt football is the most popular sport in the world.
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We don't have a football played by the Americans. What we have is soccer which is a far different from a football. Ours is a round ball while football is an oblong kind of a ball.

But sometimes I watch football which I have seen in the movie. And it's an interesting game for the players are grabbing the ball, throwing it to others until the ball has reached its goal.

Now I know the big difference between the football and the soccer. It would be good to call it as rugby than a mere football for I might misconstrue as soccer football.


I love to play ball. It is my best sport and to me is like a way of life. Am having my own personal team I supported too.
I don't play football but my boyfriend does. So, I am connected to his team somehow. They are all my friends. I do support their team. At least I try to. I watch their games sometimes. I agree there is so much you gain from playing football. I only manage to go for my run and I meet them at the field every time I go there. They are a big deal here. They even have a juniors team. I think they should just call it an academy. Their team is called Kipute. They are a local team here in my home ground.

Unfortunately, there is no one playing for the female's team. I always wanted to join. Sadly I don't know much about football. Maybe my boyfriend teaches me, but I think he is just stingy. I don't even know if we are together anymore. One day there may be a females team and I might join since I love keeping fit I just love all the benefits I am getting since I started working out again.