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Are you a political person ?


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Sep 2, 2020
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Well its depends if i am interested in any topic i will start discus. Most people argue and hate each other just because of these politics and i don't like it i am really tired of it
No, I am not into politics. It is a highly inflammable topic and both sides want to win no matter who is saying the truth.
I will debate politics if it is on an interesting topic but I am not that tunnel visioned about it that i will hate someone just because of who they vote for.
IMO, the fastest way to start an argument is to discuss politics and or religion. I have enough drama in real life that I don't need or want to waste my time arguing with strangers on the internet.
When I was in college and university, I used to vote during the student union elections. These days I vote in general elections, federal elections and local elections. However, I am a non-political person.

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