An app you don't use

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What's an app you don't use at all but still have installed on your device because you feel you may need to use it one day? How long have you had this app installed and when was the last time you used it? When do you think you will use it again, and why?

For me, it's the DH Gate mobile app at the moment. I'm not ordering anything from there, and haven't since the lockdown was imposed, because of Coronavirus, but I still have it installed because I plan on making a few purchases once the pandemic is behind us.
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I have paid version of PowerAmp but, after arrival of host of streaming services I seldom use it. I used the heck out of it in old days. 80% memory of my Phone used to be taken up by mp3s.
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The Stocks app on my iPhone 👀
There are two applications I'm not using anymore. One of which is the stocks app and the other is Mail on my iOS iPhone. Instead of using its built-in email system, Gmail is my preferred option as my email accounts are with Google.
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For me it's Jeopardy...installed it because I thought it would be fun, but it's such a bore and I just haven't removed it because you never know when you might hit peak boredom and need a distraction...

If we're talking productivity apps, then it's SpeedTest...I just have it in the event I need it, but only ever run speed tests from my desktop.