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A pointless rule


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Jun 20, 2020
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United Kingdom
Is there a sports rule that you think is pointless/stupid/unfair? What is the rule and what is your explanation for it being pointless/stupid/unfair? Should the rule be changed/adapted or removed entirely?

I've heard that there is an overtime coin toss rule in the NFL, which determines which team gets possession first in overtime. I think it is incredibly unfair to leave this to luck, as it gives the winner of the coin toss a luck-based advantage.
The NHL goalie trapezoid rule. First enacted to stop goalies like Martin Brodeur and Marty Turco from constantly leaving their crease to cut off pucks rimmed around the boards, resulting in turnovers and driving play in the opposite direction, the rule has now been completely made redundant (and it was a stupid rule, anyway, given goalies move to other areas to trap pucks) by goalies simply stopping in front of the trapezoid and still cutting off the passes. It's a rule that still exists and should just go away, it does nothing for the sport.

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