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A movie you don't get tired of


This doesn't necessarily have to be your favourite movie, because you can get tired of your favourite movie - but then again, is it truly your favourite movie then? That's a discussion for another day. What is a movie you simply do not get tired of? How many times have you watched this particular movie and do you plan on watching it again, or are you calling it a day? :p

I've watched a movie called Expelled around 7-8 times and still feel thrilled every time I watch it. It's not even that good of a movie, but I find it relatable and funny, hence my untiring obsession.


I watch a ton of movies over and over. It never gets old. Iron Man 1 2 and 3. Transformers 1-5.


I've got a fair few, including V for Vendetta, The History Boys, The Lord of the Rings Trilogies, The Hobbit Trilogies, and more. Plenty of great movies I can watch again and again!


Certain movies seem inexhaustable like The Shawshank Redemption, Escape from Alcatraz, What about Bob, Back to School - stuff like that.


I have so many movies that I never get sick of watching it over and over again. The biggest one that I will never get tired of watching is Cool Runnings. It's very hilarious.


The movies I can not get tired of watching them are money heist and prison break. Those two movies are a great deal of movie to watch over and over again


I don't get tired of watching Simone, a science fiction featuring Al Pacino. I never get tired of watching this movie for two reasons, one, it features Pacino, my all-time favorite actor, two, the story is very interesting. Despite being science fiction, the movie is relevant even today. In fact, the things shown in the movie are becoming a reality.


The movies I can watch again and again without getting tired of them are Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Mad Money and Die Hard movies!