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2020 NFL opt out proposal

Brad P

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Jun 3, 2020
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The Only Way Is Essex
Players can opt out by August 1st. If they opt out they can't take it back they are done for the season. If they opt out they get no base salary or bonus money that would be owed to them after opting out. If they opt out their contract will toll. They can not regnoatie a contract if they opt out. If they opt out they can not hold out for the 2021 season as it would be considered a breach of contract. If a player has a contract past 2020 they would be able to get a $150K advance on their 2021 salary.

66 players have opted out, most are linebackers.
I would really love to understand this game but I lose interest because of the name (you know..irony and all...). Is it like rugby, because it looks exactly like rugby!
While it is sad that some of them have opted to not play this season, I understand why they won't pay them, unless the individual renegotiates the contract.
You don't play, you don't get paid. It is as easy as that.

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