1. Neutral Nova

    Where in the world would you like to visit?

    It doesn't matter if you have already been there, can't afford it, or have never been... Me... Japan African Safari Niagara Falls and New York Istanbul Italy. Where would you like to go to?
  2. Excommunicado

    Countries you want to visit

    The title is pretty self-explanatory. What are some countries, or a country that you want to visit? Why? Are you planning on visiting these countries any time soon? Perhaps you're waiting for COVID-19 to vanish first. I'd like to visit Spain, specifically Madrid, to watch Real Madrid play at...
  3. Excommunicado

    At what point can fans visit stadiums again?

    Sports are returning, but with a twist - they are being played behind closed doors. Different sports, leagues and clubs have taken different steps to include fans in some way whether it be via Zoom calls (the screen being displayed in the stadium) or filling the seats with pictures of fans, but...