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  1. CB Paperboy

    Today's news Heavier flow, breakthrough bleeding reported among some individuals after COVID-19 vaccine: study

    A new study found that people with regular menstruation cycles and those who typically do not menstruate either experienced a heavier flow or breakthrough bleeding after being vaccinated against COVID-19.Continue reading...
  2. J

    FLCCC Treatment Protocol for Vaccine Injured

    Good info as I'd bet most here did the shots. I did not. Good to view the video with docs talking about their credentials...
  3. CB Paperboy

    Today's news Canada dropping vaccine mandate for domestic and outbound international travel as of June 20

    The Canadian government is dropping the requirement that domestic and outbound international travellers be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, effective June 20. However, all re-entry requirements will remain in effect, and all passengers will continue to have to wear face masks.Continue reading...
  4. CB Paperboy

    Today's news Vaccine mandates for domestic travel, outgoing international flights to be suspended Wednesday

    The federal government will announce tomorrow that COVID-19 vaccine mandates for domestic travel on planes and trains, as well as outgoing international travel, will be suspended as of Wednesday, senior government sources have told CTV News.Continue reading...
  5. J

    Life Insurance Payouts Have Skyrocketed since "vaccine" rollouts....

    Not the way it was "supposed to be".....more vaccines less deaths, not the case. More and more damage and deaths from the jabs.https://needtoknow.news/2022/02/%EF%BF%BClife-insurance-payouts-skyrocketed-last-year-as-deaths-surged-in-2021-following-vaccine-rollout/The global life insurance...
  6. CB Paperboy

    Today's news 'Freedom convoy' rally hits Parliament Hill, demanding end to vaccine mandates

    Thousands of truckers and others opposed to cross-border vaccine mandates and other public health restrictions have rolled into Ottawa on Saturday for a rally on Parliament Hill.Continue reading...
  7. CB Paperboy

    Today's news Donors raise $3.7 million for truckers protesting vaccine mandate

    Truck drivers protesting against the vaccine mandate at the border have raised more than $3.7 million from donors around the world but the fundraising platform GoFundMe has temporarily stopped organizers from using the money.Continue reading...
  8. nomad

    Which Corona Virus Vaccine Have You Taken?

    There are a lot of Corona Virus vaccines available in the market. The experts believe that the efficacy of all of these vaccines is above 90 percent. I took a Vero Cell jab (Sinopharm COVID-19) manufactured by China. In our country, Vero Cell was easily available compared to other vaccines as...
  9. CB Paperboy

    Today's news Canada's vaccine mandate for cross-border truckers is now in effect

    Industry experts and leaders remain concerned about the country's supply chain as the federal government's new vaccine mandate for cross-border truckers comes into effect.Continue reading...
  10. CB Paperboy

    Today's news Omicron shows need for global vaccine coverage, as Canada doses slowly reach African clinics

    COVID-19 vaccine doses donated to COVAX by Canada have recently begun to arrive at their intended destinations, all while the spread of Omicron highlights one of the dangers of failing to ensure global vaccine coverage.Continue reading...
  11. CB Paperboy

    Today's news Ontario expanding third dose COVID-19 vaccine eligibility to 50+ in mid-December

    Ontario will be expanding third dose COVID-19 vaccine eligibility in mid-December, allowing individuals aged 50 and up to get the booster shot.Continue reading...
  12. CB Paperboy

    Today's news 'It's just so perverse': Vaccine opponents seize on Remembrance Day to spread message in several B.C. cities

    A day of sombre reflection and gratitude for Canada's war veterans was marred by individuals spreading anti-vaccination messages in at least three B.C. cities on Thursday.Continue reading...
  13. CB Paperboy

    Today's news Ontario expands eligibility for third doses of COVID-19 vaccine

    More Ontarians will be able to book an appointment to receive a COVID-19 vaccine booster shot as soon as this weekend as the province expands its eligibility for third doses.Continue reading...
  14. CB Paperboy

    Today's news Canada to announce plans for international travel vaccine passport on Thursday

    The federal government is planning to unveil its plans for a vaccine passport designed for international travel on Thursday, CTV News has confirmed.Continue reading...
  15. Alexandoy

    Do you trust the vaccine against covid that it is safe?

    To be honest, I am not willing to be given the vaccine. It is not because I have read the news on the deaths caused by the vaccine indirectly. My take is if everyone in our community will have the vaccine then who will get me contaminated? No more because everyone has a vaccine except me, right...
  16. Alexandoy

    Even after the vaccine we are still advised to wear face mask

    It makes me wonder why WHO is saying that we still have to wear a face mask even when we are already vaccinated. Just to be sure of our safety, they said. Does that mean the vaccine is not that effective or are they really trying to scare us? Maybe they want us to buy face mask.
  17. S


    Hi. Do you support the vaccine for Corona to be charged? Do you think everyone can afford it? Is it fair to everyone if it's sold? Should it be free for anyone who has contaminated with the virus?
  18. Paladin

    Man named William Shakespeare is second person in the world to get a Covid vaccine

    No, I'm really not making this up. An 81-year old* (or is that 456?) man named William Shakespeare was the second person in the world to get vaccinated against Covid with Pfizer's experimental mRNA vaccine.https://www.nytimes.com/2020/12/08/world/william-shakespeare-covid-vaccine.htmlI can...
  19. Alexandoy

    Philippines will waive the final trial stage for covid vaccine

    I wonder why the health department of the Philippines will proceed to inoculation (use) of the vaccine once it comes out. The final stage of the trial which is the gathering of information on the safety and efficacy of the vaccine will be bypassed which may pose danger to the public that got the...