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  1. CB Paperboy

    Today's news Trudeau says sports organizations have work to do to restore Canadians' trust

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he's concerned sports organizations are not fulfilling their responsibility to keep athletes safe, and groups like Hockey Canada and Gymnastics Canada have work to do to restore trust and assure parents their children are taken care of.Continue reading...
  2. Neutral Nova

    3 most popular sports in the world

    What are the 3 most popular sports in the world? 1. Soccer (Association Football)_4.0 Billion 2. Cricket _2.5 Million 3. Hockey (Ice and Field)_2 BillionDo you play these sports?
  3. Neutral Nova

    What is the least expensive approach to get Sky Sports?

    The Sky Sports Mobile TV application is really the least expensive approach to get Sky Sports full stop. Despite the fact that it's not really the best. A membership to the application, which allows you to observe live games and occasions, is modest.
  4. Neutral Nova

    What are some of the disadvantages of sports?

    They can be dangerous. Sports like swimming, football, and cricket can be dangerous and strenuous for the body. It can be exhausting.Are you agree with me?
  5. Neutral Nova

    Sports help you mentally

    How do sports help you mentally?Sports can help improve your fixation and keep you intellectually sharp as you age. Taking an interest in a blend of high-impact and muscle-fortifying activity for 30 minutes or more at any rate three times each week can improve mental capacities, including...
  6. Neutral Nova

    Sports in your own words

    Sports in my own words:The sport incorporates all types of serious active work or games which, through easygoing or coordinated interest, in any event to a limited extent mean to utilize, keep up or improve actual capacity and abilities while giving happiness to members, and at times...
  7. Neutral Nova

    2 types sports

    What are the 2 types of sports?Dual sports are played by two individuals restricting one another, though group activities include coordinated gatherings of individuals contending with one another. Numerous sports depend on objectives, which are focuses scored in soccer, lacrosse, and floor...
  8. Alexandoy

    What is your wish for sports in 2021?

    I am a fan of boxing and mixed martial arts so my wish is for the judges to be fair in their judging. There were several bad decisions for big fights. One was the championship for featherweight that the champion Alexander Volkanovski seemed to have lost but instead got a split decision over...
  9. D

    Do you bet on sports?

    Years ago, I used to bet on football games all the time. Online sports betting was just becoming popular here and it was quite exciting to engage in. After a while, however, I decided to stop. Do you normally bet on sports?
  10. Alexandoy

    Sports are on break in the holiday season

    It is good that sports are having a break in the holiday season. In the earlier years there were the boxing bouts before the Christmas eve or on New Year's day. Even mixed martial arts particularly UFC will come back on January 16th after the last fight last December 19th. Now sports fans are...
  11. Alexandoy

    Live sports coverage on tv

    I am wondering why big boxing bouts like the recent bouts of Canelo Alvarez was not show on tv anymore. Before the pandemic big bouts are covered live on tv. Not only boxing but also mixed martial arts that I am afraid the live coverage will be gone next year (2021). It is good that the French...
  12. Alexandoy

    Weird decision of the Nevada state sports officials - Franco vs Maloney

    The fight was a rematch of WBA flyweight champion Joshua Franco vs former champion Andrew Maloney. In the first round Maloney peppered Franco with his powerful jobs that in the 2nd round the eye of Franco was closed. The referee ruled it a headbutt so the fight was declared a no contest. But...
  13. Neutral Nova

    How sports are significant for our wellbeing?

    Play sport adds to muscle development, coordination, cardiovascular well-being, and incalculable other well-being preferences, including ongoing conditions including coronary illness, diabetes, malignancy, hypertension, corpulence, tension, and osteoporosis. Play can add to persistent...
  14. Neutral Nova

    What are the best sports movie ever?

    It is very difficult to pick out the best sports movies, I try my best to find out the best sports movies and choose 3 movies which in below:1. Rocky (1976) 2. Hoop Dreams (1994) 3. Raging Bull (1980)You have any list of the best sports movie? If have please share with us.
  15. Spikey

    Watch or play sports?

    Do you prefer to watch or play sports? As much as I love to play sports, I also love to watch sports.
  16. Spikey

    Sports Food!

    What kind of food do you like to snack on while watching sports?I usually snack on popcorn, nachos, or licorice.
  17. ARx182

    How did you deal with the lack of sports?

    For the better part of 3 months, we, sports fans, were starved of sports. As someone who watches a lot of football, it was painful for me to not be able to watch any football during the lockdown. I tried to substitute watching football with playing football games such as FIFA and Football...
  18. J

    What sports did you play as a youth and/or university?

    I did tae-kwon-do (high school and university), but I regret not trying middle and high school track. Anyway, I also played basketball and track in elementary school.Anyway, please tell me the story about how good you were and/or your team.
  19. ARx182

    Sports you play

    What sports, if any, do you play? How often do you play this/these sport(s)? Have you ever thought about playing a sport professionally? Has COVID-19 prevented you from participating in any sports?I don't play any sport regularly but I enjoy going to the park and playing football every now and...
  20. J

    Crazy Sports

    Who like stuff like bungee jumping, parachuting etc..? Myself, I've not tried these things - but they look fun. Would I have the guts to do it :D?