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  1. J

    2 sisters robbed of Cell Phones, walking to school

    yep it's been all over the LA news, 2 sisters 16 and 18 headed for Fairfax High school assulted and robbed of their phones. My grandson recently lost his phone and now I'm thinking one of his friends may have stolen it. So many young people trusting the wrong people Maybe... Anyway, I've NEVER...
  2. Jazzy

    When you were in high school

    What kind of person were you in high school (popular, loner, weirdo,) and what kind of person are you now?
  3. Neutral Nova

    School subjects...

    We have been talking about subjects we might enjoy. This got me thinking... What did you like at school? What did you hate? What were your subjects that you passed your exams in? Do you remember your grades? What were your exams called?
  4. sprite1950

    Were you ever bullied at school?

    I was a geeky kid who never fitted in at school. My dad was a policeman so we were always being moved about. I would just get settled in school and we would up and move somewhere else. Consequently everyone had made friends by the time I joined a school so I was an easy target being totally...
  5. Claraviolet

    School 2013 drama review

    It's a really good drama about the struggles of students. Well, those struggles might not mean a lot to adults but for kids, they are too much to deal with. This drama portrays common issues like bullying, friendship, new teaching methods etc., I recommend this drama to anyone and it's...
  6. Nocturnal Thinker

    Should school classes be stopped?

    Education not only too expensive but a life threatening endeavor too. Our country has already started its opening of classes by introducing the different modalities of learning such online studies, TV and radio-based instructions, home studies and self-learning modules or SLM. Teachers are...
  7. Noah

    Kids are back in school

    In my area Schools are still closed. It will be resume after 15 September what about your area guys they're yet to resume ?
  8. J

    School Uniforms

    There a big thing in Asia and private schools in the US. Should students wear them? What are some pros and cons? Do you like them?
  9. J

    School of Hard Knocks vs University/College

    Well, the "school" would include vocational training and/or self-learning and/or "on the job training". Well, I feel like college etc.. is a good experience people shouldn't miss, but it's not something that will lead to jobs for everyone. In fact, as far as jobs are concerned, it seems like...
  10. J

    Learning Coding via School - vs On Your Own

    Well, people tend to try harder under pressure. That's the advantage of school. Nonetheless, there are exceptions and some learn a lot on their own, though probably not as much as they would at school. Anyway, though, someone with their heart not in it - isn't going to learn, even at school!
  11. J

    Who took any vocational courses in high school or beyond?

    I took a small engine repair course which included some welding. This was in my freshman year of high school in 1992. Anyway, though, we didn't go into the shop until the 2nd semester due to having to learn all the safety procedure.
  12. J

    What was your favorite subjects in school?

    Honestly, I've always loved everything in school - minus certain "teacher prep courses" I took in college. They were so boring - and I have organization difficulties. Nonetheless, I regret that I didn't fight harder in those courses.