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  1. prake

    The Matrix

    I am very eager to watch the new one which is supposed to be released this December. I saw the trailer and it looked impressive. I am not sure how it will turn up as Europe is already showing signs of another lockdown. There is a good chance that it will never make it to theatres if things go wrong.
  2. Brad P

    A sports game you enjoy?

    What's a classic sports game you enjoy? These days, sports games are yearly releases with really no substance. It's the same junk year in and year out.But, there are good sports games out there. Stuff like Looney Tunes BBall, NBA jam, NFL 2k series and so on. What is a sports game you enjoy...
  3. Brad P

    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Finally Gets a Release Date

    It's been a while since we've heard from Square Enix about the remaster for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, hasn't it? The game got a few sneak peeks at various events over the past year, but no solid release date... until today! Square revealed the official date for all platforms, and...