1. Jazzy

    Would you use a cell phone like this?

    An American space engineer has built her own ROTARY DIAL cell phone because she despises smartphones and texting.Justine Haupt, from Eastern Long Island, spent three years creating the device which fits into her pocket with a battery that lasts up to 30 hours.Would you use a cell phone...
  2. J

    2 sisters robbed of Cell Phones, walking to school

    yep it's been all over the LA news, 2 sisters 16 and 18 headed for Fairfax High school assulted and robbed of their phones. My grandson recently lost his phone and now I'm thinking one of his friends may have stolen it. So many young people trusting the wrong people Maybe...Anyway, I've NEVER...
  3. DudeThatsErin

    What phone do you currently use?

    I have an iPhone 11 base model, black, 64GB. I like it because the phone just works. I had so many hardware and software issues with Androids since I first owned them that owning a phone that always works and doesn't let me down is amazing. Also, the battery life on this phone is amazing. It has...