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  1. Jane

    Forum promotion Friendly Chatting

    This is my little corner of the great WWW. All the usual chat and games..plus a spooky section and one where it really isn't safe to look down! :itd-3d-ani-w60-smiles-069: Enter at your own risk lol. A suggestion section..ask away,we like suggestions…a place to vent your spleen and much more...
  2. J

    Piece by Piece the Narrative is Disintegrating

    And so many need to be behind bars. https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-01-...-by-piece.html Natural News) As the narrative surrounding the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) global psy-op (psychological operation) continues to break down, here are five things you need to know (as explained by Steve...
  3. Jay™

    Article We should have a goal of 30 work-hours per week as a society

    The world’s largest nationwide attempt to reduce working hours has made international headlines – that’s how positive the results in Iceland were. The study showed: Reducing working hours while maintaining full pay makes workers happier, healthier and more productive – and pays off economically...
  4. Naiwen

    Trump for 2024?

    Do you think he’ll be winning against whoever after what’s happened at the capitol last month on January 6th? I don’t think so personally.

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