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  1. CB Paperboy

    Today's news The WHO says the end of the pandemic is in sight, but is Canada on the right track?

    Last month, the World Health Organization recommended that countries continue their fight against COVID-19 by focusing resources on vaccination, implementing infection control measures and building community trust in order to end the pandemic. But is Canada doing enough?Continue reading...
  2. CB Paperboy

    Today's news Sextortion boom coincides with pandemic's online shift, as experts raise alarm

    The mass shift online brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic coincided with a boom of so-called 'sextortion scams,' new data from Statistics Canada suggests.Continue reading...
  3. CB Paperboy

    Today's news 'Living with COVID': Where the pandemic could go next

    As the third winter of the coronavirus pandemic looms in the northern hemisphere, scientists are warning weary governments and populations alike to brace for more waves of COVID-19.Continue reading...
  4. CB Paperboy

    Today's news More than two years since the pandemic's start, nearly 1 in 4 Canadians still report high anxiety

    It's been more than two years since the start of the pandemic, and yet, new data shows that nearly a quarter of Canadians are still reporting high levels of anxiety -- numbers largely unchanged since 2020.Continue reading...
  5. CB Paperboy

    Today's news Federal budget set to include surtax on big banks' pandemic profits

    Thursday's federal budget will include a surtax on financial institutions that have made huge profits during the pandemic, CTV News has learned. In being asked to share their wealth, the big chartered banks and major insurance companies are bracing for the new targeted measure that is expected...
  6. Webster

    900,000 Dead From Covid-19 Since Pandemic's Beginning

    https://www.npr.org/sections/coronavirus-live-updates/2022/02/04/1078100069/covid19-deaths-usThoughts on the grim milestone?
  7. CB Paperboy

    Today's news 'Every pandemic comes to an end': Canada's top doctor hopeful for future

    In a year-end interview with CTV National News, Dr. Theresa Tam discusses the future of Canada’s pandemic response, from the rapid spread of the Omicron variant to the availability of rapid tests and booster shots.Continue reading...
  8. CB Paperboy

    Today's news In Christmas message, Trudeau says Canadians can be hopeful amid the pandemic

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says there is still reason for Canadians to be hopeful despite the ongoing crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic.Continue reading...
  9. CB Paperboy

    Today's news Ontario's pandemic death toll hits 10,000 as province logs nearly 700 new COVID-19 cases

    Ontario's pandemic death toll hit 10,000 people on Tuesday as the province reported nearly 700 new COVID-19 cases.Continue reading...
  10. CB Paperboy

    Today's news 'I won't be here next year': Canadians robbed of life by delayed diagnoses amid pandemic

    Several Canadians who reached out to CTVNews.ca say their diagnoses of cancers, autoimmune disorders and incurable conditions could have been caught sooner and possibly prevented from advancing to late stages had the COVID-19 pandemic not delayed their annual screenings and checkups.Continue...
  11. CB Paperboy

    Today's news Liberal push to make election a referendum on pandemic only partly successful

    The federal election campaign entered its final hours with party leaders making last-minute appeals in whirlwind tours of swing ridings, all while still trying to convince voters to buy into their version of what this vote is all about.Continue reading...
  12. CB Paperboy

    Today's news Social media strategies played important role in pandemic election: experts

    During the pandemic, people have been spending even more time on their social media and all political parties are hoping to take advantage. Experts across the country are watching to see which party's social media strategy will pay off on election day.Continue reading...
  13. CB Paperboy

    Today's news 'It's terrifying': Police on hand as pandemic protesters picket hospitals

    A Toronto hospital where protesters denouncing COVID-19 measures rallied Monday afternoon said such demonstrations are demoralizing for health-care workers who have cared for patients infected with the virus despite the risk to themselves and their families.Continue reading...
  14. Alexandoy

    The face mask will still be in fashion after the pandemic era due to the air pollution

    I saw the headline in one tv network about the air pollution. I remember during the lockdown when the mountain in the next town was very visible. Public transportation was banned for 2 months and that was a great contributor to the cleaner air that the mountain was very clear in the morning. Now...
  15. Alexandoy

    Selling food items is popular in this pandemic period

    I have noticed that the lockdown seemed to have opened the eyes of the people to business. Maybe due to loss of jobs some in our neighborhood have resorted to selling food items like cooked meals, snacks and even the morning bread. It is one of the simplest ways to earn money. At least people...
  16. Nocturnal Thinker

    How can the senior citizens overcome their boredom in this pandemic era?

    I know everybody's way of life is inevitably affected by the outbreak of Coronavirus. Their day-to-day activities especially their means of livelihood, the studies of the youths and the normal operation of government agencies.Strict rules and orders are imposed by the health agency and they...
  17. ARx182

    What does the pandemic mean to you?

    COVID-19 has affected all of our lives in one way or another - some more than others. Many have lost their loved ones, many have lost their jobs as a result of the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, but what has the pandemic meant to you personally?I know people who have contracted the...