1. Shortie

    Nintendo Did you ever have a Gameboy?

    I remember way back when Gameboys were popular me and my brothers had one to share. I remember the frustration of having to either be in sunlight or be under some kind of light to be able to see the game and also how much the handheld drained batteries as well. My mum actually got us an...
  2. Shortie

    Nintendo What is your favorite game when it comes to a Nintendo game?

    I have been a huge fan of Nintendo since being really young and I remember when I and my brothers got the Super Nintendo for Christmas to share, we were so excited and spent hours playing Super Mario World on the system but the one game that was my most favorite on the Super Nintendo was Yoshi's...
  3. Shortie

    Nintendo Are you a fan of the Animal Crossing games?

    Back in 2020, I remember Animal Crossing New Horizons coming out and I was able to pick it up for my birthday. During the lockdowns and the early days of the pandemic, I remember spending hours upon hours, sometimes gaming until the sun was coming up because I got so addicted to the game after I...
  4. Shortie

    Nintendo Have you played Nintendo Switch Sports?

    Nintendo Switch Sports was released last year in April 2022 and it has been popular since its release. I managed to pick it up for my kids a few days after it was released and they have spent hours upon hours playing this game without getting bored. Recently in I think it was November they...