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  1. D

    Very violent movies

    I was at a friends house several months ago and they were watching MORTAL KOMBAT! Thats gotta be the most vile/evil piece of garbage I have ever seen!!!! I suggested watching COMMANDO instead and the father said "I havent let them watch that yet" (His sons) But he lets them watch a...
  2. Neutral Nova

    What Movies Are You Waiting To See?

    Have you any list of which movie you want to watch? Or, You are waiting for the release of the movie. Do you have?
  3. Neutral Nova

    Do you watching old movies?

    Do you ever find yourself watching old movies over and over again? I love taking out the entire 'Babies Day Out' every once in a while and just binge-watching over a lazy weekend. What about you?
  4. Neutral Nova

    Watched 3 movies last week!!!

    During the last week, I have watched 3 movies and enjoyed them very much. What about you? If you watched 3 or more then write it down here...
  5. Neutral Nova

    What are the top movies you enjoyed in 2019?

    Toy Story 4 Aladdin Dumbo John Wick 3 Kingsman 3 Shaft Joker Frozen 2 Star Wars IX Are these? If not, What are the top movies?
  6. nangk08

    Downloading movies for free!

    I know that many people use torrent sites to download free movies but I have never tried doing that myself. Are you aware of any such sites and are they really safe to use?
  7. Naiwen

    James Bond Movies?

    I love them personally and my favorite is “Casino Royale”.
  8. D

    How often do you watch movies?

    I don't watch movies too often; probably less than 10 per year. I guess I'm usually reluctant to invest that much time on a movie unless I know it's really good. How about you?
  9. Naiwen

    Sex in Movies?

    And TV shows. As a sex-repulsed asexual aromantic, I can’t even watch it.
  10. Claraviolet

    What do you think of violence in movies?

    I believe sometimes the violence, is just too much in some movies. I am no good with blood and gore but I still watch horror movies anyway. I don't mind death at all when it comes to a movie. Still, a detailed planning in murder can be hard for me to watch. I never liked 'Saw' series for the...
  11. Neutral Nova

    Is watching movies/films an exercise in futility?

    No, watching movies is certainly not an exercise in futility. You can gain so much from films. You become more acquainted with about societies, workmanship, history of sports and its kin, their yearnings, their motivations, their preferences, repulsions, loathes, love, war, peculiarities...
  12. Neutral Nova

    What movies can you watch all the time and never get tired of watching?

    By my choice: Home Alone (1990) At least once, we have considered setting up a detailed snare inside the house. Jurassic Park (1993) Casper (1995) Jumanji (1995) Star Wars (1977-2015) One More Chance (2007) A Very Special Love (2008) Harry Potter (2001-2011) What is your choice?
  13. Neutral Nova

    What are the top most-watchable movies?

    * Titanic (1997 * Casablanca (1942) * Grease (1978) * Dreamgirls (2006) * Black Panther (2018) * The Farewell (2019) These are the most watchable movie. Watch and enjoy. If already watched, tell us which one is the best?
  14. Neutral Nova

    What horror movies are out in 2020?

    A horror film is one that seeks to elicit fear in its audience for pleasure purposes. Horror movies are out in 2020: 1. Host. Shudder. 2. Horse Girl. Netflix. 3. Underwater. Movieclips Trailers. 4. Swallow. IFC Films. 5. The Invisible Man. Universal Pictures. 6. A Quiet Place Part II...
  15. Neutral Nova

    Can you suggest me best animation movies in 2020 ?

    What have a great community of people with one thing in common-they al like to make movies. The Most Anticipated Animated Movies of 2020 1. Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Candace Against the Universe. 2. The Croods 2. 3. Wish Dragon. 4. Superman: Red Son. 5. Justice League Dark: Apokolips War. 6...
  16. Nocturnal Thinker

    Watching old Western movies too nostalgic!

    I have just watched "The Fastest Gun Alive". This movie was first shown when I was 5 years old. I never thought that I could watch this film in this present time for it's almost 64 years in the making of the movie sometime in 1956. The story was about George (played by Glenn Ford), the son of...
  17. bomb

    A to Z movies

    Simple: Name movies from A to Z I will start; Alvin and the Chipmunks
  18. Alexandoy

    Old movies and tv series

    Our cable provider has the 2 channels – Hits TV for reruns of tv series and Hits Movies for the old movies. It is refreshing or reminiscing to see Charlie’s Angels and Knight Rider again especially that they are on prime time. Don’t forget Three’s Company which was very popular in the 1980s...
  19. M

    Love for animated movies

    I love animated movies and the best part of it is the music that seems to touch me. Does any of feel the same about songs in animated movies.
  20. Claraviolet

    Do you usually watch movies alone?

    I do. If I start watching movies with someone, then I need to put up with their work schedule and not to mention the limitations of genre. I usually don't have too much time and I need to make the most of my free time. Being a software engineer can be tough and you will have to put up with last...