1. Alexandoy

    Finding missing persons and lost items

    This is another incredible power claimed by some fortune teller that they can tell the location of a missing person or lost item. One seer said that her record speaks for her because the police is always requesting for his services to find the victim of the crime or even to locate the suspect...
  2. Paladin

    Site Issue Favicon missing with both ChatBanter Light and Dark 2.2

    I'm using the new ChatBanter Dark 2.2 theme and it looks great, but there's no favicon on it. The favicon is working fine with the Rain and Empire themes. Edit: Should the message about it being unique to XenBase be in the footer?
  3. Paladin

    [FIXED] Favicon is missing with the Empire theme

    Just tried out the Empire theme. It's awesome and I love it, but there's one problem... the favicon is missing! :eek: I'm using Brave Browser. It's a small screenshot, but it shows that the favicon is gone.