1. Neutral Nova

    Healthy Oils!

    As usual, I use general oil. Now I want to change this and find a healthy oil. Do you have any suggestions? Have any good ideas?
  2. Jaden_66

    What your Motivation for a Healthy lifestyle?

    We know that goals keep us motivated. Most people have short term fitness goals like lossing 10 pounds, or running a mile today. But the real motivation for me are the long term fitness goals. Because they're not something that will fade away once I get that goal completed. It's simple but hella...
  3. Neutral Nova

    Environment The environment is necessary to lead a healthy life

    The environment is important to have a sound existence. Our current circumstance shapes a vital part of human existence since that is the place where we discover the necessities of life like air, water, and food. Because of worldwide industrialization and modernization, there has been ecological...
  4. Neutral Nova

    Maintain a healthy weight and body shape!

    I want to maintain my healthy weight and body shape. I have always maintained my morning walk and try to eat healthy food. How to maintain a healthy weight and body shape? Have any good suggestions for it?
  5. Neutral Nova

    What would I eat to be healthy?

    Smart dieting for a Healthy Weight: * Emphasizes organic products, vegetables, entire grains, and sans fat or low-fat milk and milk items. * Includes lean meats, poultry, fish, beans, eggs, and nuts. * Is low in soaked fats, trans fats, cholesterol, salt (sodium), and added sugars. * Stays...
  6. Neutral Nova

    Do you discuss the benefits of a healthy lifestyle?

    Benefits of a healthy lifestyle: 1. Feeling better mentally- Regular exercise can lift your mood and help you feel better. 2. Saving money- Eating junk fruit, smoking, and sugar drinks are all expensive habits. 3. Fewer health problems- Living a heal their lifestyle means a lower risk of...
  7. Neutral Nova

    What are the benefits of healthy eating?

    Some benefits of healthy eating are: 1. Weight loss- One of the main reasons people eat a healthy diet is to maintaining a healthy weight or to lose weight. 2. Heart health. 3. Strong bones and teeth. 4. Improve memory and brain health. Do you maintain healthy eating?
  8. Neutral Nova

    What is a healthy diet?

    1. Healthy eating guidelines. 2. Cereal and bread, potatoes, pasta, and rice. 3. Vegetables, salad, and fruits. 4. Milk, yogurt, and cheese. 5. Meat, poultry, fish, eggs, beans, and nuts. The Eatwell Guide shows that to have a sound, adjusted eating routine, individuals should attempt to: eat...
  9. Neutral Nova

    What is healthy breakfast ideas?

    Morning time savers_ 1. Keep it simple and set aside 5-10 minutes in the morning. 2. Prepare items the night before for example _ chop, some fruit and keep it in the fridge. 3. have the table set with the cereal ready to pour.
  10. Alexandoy

    Healthy and cheap salad - sweet potato tops

    Sweet potato tops are the young leaves (and stem) of the sweet potato vine. It is very common in our culture maybe because sweet potato is easy to grow. Just stick a cutting on the ground and there you already have a vine that will give you edible leaves and tuber. Anyway, the sweet potato tops...
  11. Alexandoy

    We need a healthy lifestyle now

    Good food, ample exercise and physical activities, enough sleep and rest and also entertainment - they are the main ingredients to have a healthy body and mind. My take on being healthy is to fight off the covid in case we get infected. At least when you are healthy your body has a stronger...
  12. N

    Healthy lifestyle

    SOLUTION TO TOOTH PAIN Tooth ache is a pain or inflammation in or around the tooth, often caused by tooth decay or infection. Toothache has been one of life's worst nightmares. Throughout history, man has been searching for solution that will help with healing and to reduce swelling and...
  13. DudeThatsErin

    How do you stay healthy?

    I try to eat right (though I fail most of the time) and I exercise as much as I mentally can. I fail at both a lot but I am still fairly healthy. I'm certainly not as obese as I could be, though. What about you guys?
  14. F

    Healthy living

    How many liters of water to you drink in a day.
  15. N

    Healthy lifestyles

    *IF YOU ARE ABOVE 40 YRS OF AGE OR APPROACHING THE MARK, HEALTH HINTS FOR YOU* *A. Two things to check as often as you can* (1) Your blood pressure (2) Your blood sugar *B. Four things to reduce to the minimum on your foods:* (1) Salt (2) sugar (3) dairy products (4) starchy products *C...