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freedom convoy

  1. CB Paperboy

    Today's news 'Freedom Convoy' came together organically, organizer testifies

    'Freedom Convoy' organizer Chris Barber says the initial purpose of the protest was to get the federal government to listen to truck drivers' concerns about cross-border COVID-19 vaccine mandates.Continue reading...
  2. CB Paperboy

    Today's news How much did the 'Freedom Convoy' cost the City of Ottawa?

    A City of Ottawa report submitted as part of the national inquiry into the federal government's invocation of the Emergencies Act is shedding new light on how much this winter's 'Freedom Convoy' protests cost the nation’s capital, and quantified some of the impact on residents during the...
  3. CB Paperboy

    Today's news Sale of Ottawa church to 'Freedom Convoy'-affiliated group falls through, but leader says deal is still on

    The current purchase of a historic Ottawa church slated to become an 'embassy' for a group affiliated with the Freedom Convoy has fallen through, according to documents obtained by CTV News. But The United People of Canada director said it was his understanding the deal was still in place...
  4. CB Paperboy

    Today's news Cabinet heard of potential 'breakthrough' with 'Freedom Convoy' protesters before Emergencies Act was invoked: documents

    The night before the federal government invoked the Emergencies Act in response to the 'Freedom Convoy' protests, the prime minister’s national security adviser told him there was 'a potential for a breakthrough' in Ottawa, court documents show.Continue reading...
  5. CB Paperboy

    Today's news 'Freedom Convoy' organizer Pat King granted bail

    Pat King, an organizer of the 'Freedom Convoy' that paralyzed downtown Ottawa for three weeks earlier this year, has been granted bail.Continue reading...
  6. CB Paperboy

    Today's news Crown wants Freedom Convoy organizer Tamara Lich returned to jail to await trial

    Crown prosecutors want Ottawa protest organizer Tamara Lich sent back to jail to await trial, claiming she breached her bail conditions by agreeing to participate in an event next month where she will receive a 'Freedom Award.'Continue reading...
  7. CB Paperboy

    Today's news Freedom Convoy organizers Lich, Barber facing new charges

    Prominent organizers of the 'Freedom Convoy' occupation of downtown Ottawa are facing new criminal charges.Continue reading...
  8. CB Paperboy

    Today's news Transport Canada investigating whether Freedom Convoy supporters aboard flight were screened for vaccination

    Transport Canada is looking into a chartered flight that brought supporters of the so-called Freedom Convoy from Western Canada to Ottawa last month, to ensure passengers were properly screened for COVID-19 vaccination.Continue reading...
  9. CB Paperboy

    Today's news 'Freedom Convoy' leader Tamara Lich released from custody

    Tamara Lich, a high-profile organizer of the ‘Freedom Convoy’ protest, has been released from jail following a bail review.Continue reading...
  10. CB Paperboy

    Today's news 191 arrests later, Ottawa police remove remaining 'Freedom Convoy' vehicles

    After more than three weeks of demonstrations, the only engines heard around Parliament on Sunday were those of tow trucks working to remove the last remaining "Freedom Convoy" vehicles from downtown Ottawa.Continue reading...
  11. Webster

    Hackers Take Down Freedom Convoy Fundraising, Obtain Loads of Data

    https://www.vice.com/en/article/k7wpax/freedom-convoy-givesendgo-donors-leakedAbout. Damn. Time. Starve the insurrectionist beast where it hurts.
  12. CB Paperboy

    Today's news Several people arrested for bringing gas to 'Freedom Convoy' demonstrators in Ottawa, police say

    Demonstrators have been using vehicles, wagons and sleds to transport gasoline cans and propane canisters to trucks inside the 'red zone' around Parliament Hill.Continue reading...
  13. CB Paperboy

    Today's news Hundreds more trucks expected in Ottawa as 'freedom convoy' protests spread beyond capital

    More rallies protesting COVID-19 vaccine mandates and other pandemic restrictions will get underway today in Ottawa and several other major cities in Canada.Continue reading...
  14. CB Paperboy

    Today's news 'Freedom convoy' rally hits Parliament Hill, demanding end to vaccine mandates

    Thousands of truckers and others opposed to cross-border vaccine mandates and other public health restrictions have rolled into Ottawa on Saturday for a rally on Parliament Hill.Continue reading...
  15. CB Paperboy

    Today's news 'Embarrassment for the industry': Not all truckers support the 'freedom convoy'

    As a convoy of truckers head to Ottawa to protest the federal government's cross-border vaccine mandate, some truckers are distancing themselves from the movement as it attracts support from fringe groups and generates dangerous rhetoric.Continue reading...