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  1. DaNerdiest1

    Forum promotion NerdiestKen's Forum: The Reboot

    Forum URL: https://danerdkensforum.proboards.com/NerdiestKen's Forum (fka Thunderbrew Club & Gamer's Underground 2.0) was founded and created on July 7, 2019 by Ken_DaNerdiest1 where members engage in various topic discussions, play forum games and interact with other members. Under the old...
  2. Nova

    Welcome Hey Nova here

    Hi,Good to see the forum back with new Xenforo backend. I remember signing up when it was on PHPBB. So looking forward to restart again and have fun in the forum. See you around.Thanks
  3. Brad P

    Welcome Welcome/Introduction Thread

    I figured it'd be cool to have a thread for new users to introduce themselves. That way it's easy to embrace somebody in to the community here.If you are going to start an introduction thread, please make it worthwhile for others to read. New threads that fail to provide any meaningful...
  4. Jay

    I'M Important Forum Guidelines

    ChatBanter Community Simple Tasks!----------------------------------------------------------------- PLEASE READ BEFORE BROWSING THE FORUMSUsernamesDo not make any username that has to swear words, is racist, or would be considered rude and offensive. You will be automatically banned if you...