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  1. Jay™

    MILESTONE 15,000 Posts

    Well, not too long ago I posted that we made it to 11,000 posts and here we are just passing 15,000 posts. Thanks, everyone. If there is anything you want to see changed or added be sure to let me know.:)
  2. J

    California, LA mostly has a Huge Homeless/Vagrant Population

    It's been here since probably the 80's and gotten worse and worse over the years. Millions have been "thrown" to help these people but SO MANY are drug addicted and don't want to be helped.and prefer the streets for their drugs and needles.... MANY get to Calif from all over the country and...
  3. Jazzy

    Getting older

    What is a clear sign of you getting older?
  4. prake

    Environment Windmills

    They are a source of green energy and very clean as well. The amount of pollution is close to zero and they are very effective as well. The power efficiency is also great. It is not hard to install and maintain. Also, they are very easy to implement in a normal geography.