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  1. CB Paperboy

    Today's news Bus crash on B.C. highway sends 53 to hospital on Christmas Eve

    Dozens of people have been hospitalized following a serious bus crash on a highway in B.C.'s Southern Interior on Christmas Eve.Continue reading...
  2. CB Paperboy

    Today's news 'Unacceptable': Transport minister critiques Via Rail situation as Christmas Day trains cancelled

    Canada's transport minister took aim at Via Rail on Saturday after some passengers were left stranded overnight on stalled trains following the recent winter storm.Continue reading...
  3. Nebulous

    Christmas meal?

    What kind of meal does your family eat at Christmas time?
  4. Nebulous

    How important was Christmas to you when you were a child?

    How important was Christmas to you when you were a child?What were your Christmas mornings like?Did Santa Claus leave presents for you?
  5. CB Paperboy

    Today's news Queen recalls 'familiar laugh missing' in Christmas speech

    Queen Elizabeth II in her Christmas Day message shared the pain she felt after the death of her husband as she encouraged people everywhere to celebrate with friends and family, despite the grief caused by the ongoing pandemic.Continue reading...
  6. Jazzy

    Christmas Presents

    What did you get for Christmas?
  7. CB Paperboy

    Today's news In Christmas message, Trudeau says Canadians can be hopeful amid the pandemic

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says there is still reason for Canadians to be hopeful despite the ongoing crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic.Continue reading...
  8. CB Paperboy

    Today's news NHL announces league-wide shutdown from Wednesday to Christmas Day

    The NHL and the National Hockey League Players' Association have announced the suspension of all operations from Wednesday to Christmas Day amid an increase of positive COVID-19 tests.Continue reading...
  9. prake

    Question Christmas Tree

    How lavishly do you decorate your Christmas Tree? Are you extravagant when you do this? It is once in a year afterall.
  10. CB Paperboy

    Today's news Tam urges Christmas caution as modelling shows potential for COVID-19 surge

    Keep your holiday gatherings small is the messaging from Canada’s top doctor, as new federal modelling points to a resurgence in COVID-19 infections in the coming weeks that could be further accelerated should the new Omicron variant take over.Continue reading...
  11. Jay

    Holidays & Events Christmas Truffles

    This thread is for the general discussion of the item Christmas Truffles. Please add to the discussion here.
  12. Brad P

    Favourite Christmas Movie?

    I see the Sony Movie Channel started up their Codiv-91 Christmas movies a couple of weeks ago. I know CHRISTMAS has finished but I still love watching a Christmas movie over this period.Favourite Christmas movie?
  13. Alexandoy

    Last Christmas

    The theme song is with the same title of Last Christmas. A quite funny story about a bumbling young woman who met a mysterious guy that made her happy which led to her change of ways in dealing with life. She became generous and disciplined. The ending was in a homeless feeding program that the...
  14. Brad P

    Christmas Adverts

    So with Christmas just round the corner it's now that time of year when all the latest Christmas Adverts come out and the rival companys try to out class another with the best advert.My wife works for John Lewis and I'll start off with their latest video "Give A Little Love" for this year.
  15. Nocturnal Thinker

    Christmas caricatures out of styrofoam

    How Christmas figures made for our public plaza?NativityI happened to come across a group of artists who are busy inside the new gymnasium of our small city.I came inside for I'm curious of what they're doing. I saw several stacks of styrofoam. Why are there so many? I wanted to satisfy...