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  1. Jazzy

    Health & Lifestyle Getting your blood drawn

    Do you have a fear of getting your blood drawn? If so: What gets you though it?
  2. Webster

    Covid Vaccines & Blood Clots: What Researchers Know Thus Far

    https://chatbanter.com/threads/why-is-the-gop-so-anti-science.2905/post-15416 Continuing from the above thread post... https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-021-02291-2 If its' between (a) the variously low and minor risk of a vaccine-induced clot or (b) coming down with Covid-19...I'll take...
  3. Nocturnal Thinker

    Spartacus: "Blood and Sand"

    I have just finished watching "Blood and Sand", the first season of Spartacus, an American TV series in 4 seasons in Netflix. It's too interesting on how Spartacus revenge his wife who has been kidnapped and killed. He had sacrificed a lot. He became a slave and trained to kill. I carefully...