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  1. Webster

    Dojkovic: Australian Detention "Unexpected To Say The Least"

    https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/live/2022/feb/04/australia-live-news-updates-scott-morrison-coronavirus-omicron-weather-nsw-victoria-queensland-western-australia?page=with:block-61fc44038f08df1d7f09008f#block-61fc44038f08df1d7f09008f Novak Djokovic has described his detention and...
  2. tdbnz

    Australia Open Tennis

    Hello Everyone Are you a tennis 🎾 fan? Are you watching the Australian open currently on tv? I have been watching a bit it been really good to see a bit Although I don't play, or watch tennis often I just watching because it is interesting and it a major event in our neighbouring country