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  1. Jay™

    What do you think has been the best movie of the year so far?

    I haven't watched much this year so far what about you?
  2. Jay™

    Music Bad Animals (1987)

    Title: Bad Animals Artist: Heart Genre: Classic Rock Released: 1987 Tracks: 1 - Who Will You Run To - 4:06 2 - Alone - 3:38 3 - There's the Girl - 3:50 4 - I Want You So Bad - 4:21 5 - Wait for an Answer - 4:31 6 - Bad Animals - 4:54 7 - You Ain't So Tough - 4:05 8 - Strangers of...
  3. Alexandoy

    Environment Banning stray animals on the road

    In our village there are plenty of cats and dogs that are straying on the road. Almost everywhere I can see dogs. It makes me wonder because there is an ordinance against animals in the streets. Maybe the authorities here have no resources to enforce the law. Right on our street with only 14...
  4. Alexandoy

    Corporate Animals - movie with many holes in the story

    Corporate Animals is the story of a corporate team led by Demi Moore as the boss. They had a team building by going spelunking or entering a cave. Unexpectedly the group was trapped in the cave when there was a landslide. That's when the real story began. One of them died when Brandon was...
  5. Alexandoy

    It is illegal to own an endangered species of birds and animals

    There is a law against owning an endangered bird like the eagle or hawk. But some people have the temerity to buy from the underground market. Obviously the price is high that there are sellers. In the picture is an eagle that has been with the owner for more than 4 years already. The cage door...
  6. Lord Saru

    Vermin animals

    Countries have passed environmental legislations in such a way that if you keep an animal in the list declared as 'vermin', it would mean that hunting and killing those animals are not illegal. It is designed in that way because some animals proliferate beyond the ecological limit and becomes...
  7. Naiwen

    Wild Party Animals!

    My neighbours love to party. I’ve had to call the cops on them twice to have them stop putting loud rock and roll music starting midnight to 4-5 am every Friday night. I’m glad they no longer do that at midnight but they still put on very loud music from around 7-8 pm to 9-10 pm every Friday...