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  1. sprite1950

    Do you get enough vitamin D?

    I have been taking vitamin D pills since I heard that it is good for your immune system and was recommended by health experts since the pandemic began. I don't know if it's doing any good but I like to think I'm doing something to protect myself
  2. sprite1950

    Who enjoys math?

    Gulp! This was my worst subject at school, not that I've ever needed it since I left as I chose jobs where maths was not a requirement. I'm numerate and that's good enough for me. English was always my best subject and I still like writing.
  3. sprite1950

    What does the pandemic mean to you?

    Here we are in January 2021 and the only bright spot on the horizon is the vaccination as cases in the UK are still soaring. I know some people don't want to take it but really it is our only way out of this. I am a high risk person aged 70 living with a school age child. The vaccination cannot...
  4. sprite1950

    How do we dispose the face mask?

    "@sprite1950 all the face masks that I have used are kept in a drawer in my computer table. The first mask that I used was before the pandemic era. I was given that face mask when I visited my wife's sister in the ICU in a hospital in 2019. I kept that mask for souvenir... my sister-in-law died...
  5. sprite1950

    Water Intoxication

    It wasn't my daughter, it was my friend's 13 year old daughter. She had just eaten a heavy meal and then drank 10 cups of water so I think she had just overloaded her stomach. She has learned by it now and knows not to do it again.
  6. sprite1950

    Being YOU

    I've always been told I am a little unusual but it's not deliberate. I think as I've aged I care less about what people think so it's easier to be me. I'm not influenced by others like I was when I was younger. Peer pressure when you are young can make you act out of character but now I am older...
  7. sprite1950

    Have you taken walking as your routine daily exercise?

    I have put on weight over lockdown but today is where I take back control and start walking briskly again. Since I stopped walking regularly every day I can feel that my clothes are tighter so even if it rains I will still walk. Here's to a new slim me:unsure:
  8. sprite1950

    Water Intoxication

    Yesterday my friend told me that her daughter had gulped down 10 glasses of water all at once and was very sick. We are always lead to believe that water is good for us but you can have too much. Water intoxication can be fatal as it dilutes the sodium in your bloodstream and causes a...
  9. sprite1950

    Which tomato is good? Green or red?

    I have never tasted a green tomato but I have had a semi ripe one and didn't like it too much. I love the cherry tomatoes and buy them all the time to eat just as a snack sometimes. Much healthier than a sweet snack.
  10. sprite1950

    The Community Thread

    I'm tired today because I have a very old dog who keeps waking me in the night. She is blind and deaf so I suppose day and night are the same to her. Good job I don't have to work these days.
  11. sprite1950

    How do we dispose the face mask?

    It's the same here, you can see them lying all over the streets waiting for the litter pickers to dispose of them. I have a reusable mask but even if I did use disposable I would take them home and dispose of them in the garbage.
  12. sprite1950

    How active are you on social media?

    I use facebook and whatsapp every day and post on various forums so I suppose I am quite active. I do have other social media accounts like instagram and twitter but never use them.
  13. sprite1950

    Body painting at its best

    Impressive but is it permanent as in tattoos or is this something that can be removed?
  14. sprite1950

    Do you fall asleep in front of the tv?

    One thing I do frequently is start to watch a film or a tv series and then promptly fall asleep. I wake up to see the credits rolling. Thank goodness for catch up tv. Do you do this?
  15. sprite1950

    What are the advantages of playing a game?

    I wish I was a sporty person because it's good to have a healthy interest. I do like to swim but I'm not a strong swimmer. I could save myself if I was in deep water and I made sure that my children and granddaughter could do the same. It can be a life saver.
  16. sprite1950

    What do you use more? Desktop, Laptop, Phone, or Tablet?

    In the daytime I use my desktop more as I am a trained typist and type faster on the keyboard. At night when I am lying in bed or if I am out and about I tend to use my phone.
  17. sprite1950

    Do You Enjoy Roleplaying?

    When I read the title of this thread I thought it was about role playing of this kind because that's the only kind I know anything about. I'll leave it there :sneaky:
  18. sprite1950

    The Bermuda Triangle

    The Bermuda Triangle is a specific part of the North Atlantic Ocean off North America where numerous ships and planes have mysteriously disappeared without trace leaving no explanation as to what happened to them. This dates back to the 1800s Some ships were found abandoned for no apparent...
  19. sprite1950

    Using the search for discussions

    I will sometimes use a link to back up my own opinion. I think we are allowed to do that as long as it's not just a link and we say what we think on a subject. I think that's perfectly acceptable.
  20. sprite1950

    Do you eat fruits regularly?

    My favourite fruits are bananas, melon and grapes and I eat these most days. I also like strawberries, raspberries and blue berries.