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  1. Probably anything that is worth doing and I can do it well, I should be able to gain the attention of the people and make some cash out of them.
  2. The environment is a work space of any animate or inanimate thing that plays a special role on the upbringing and upkeep of it.
  3. Rules are made so they can be broken... It won't be fun following the rules all the time, I mean Where's your adventurous spirit? Lol.
  4. There are many sides to this... For continuity, I can text the whole time but for urgency and precision, call is always better.
  5. It's an unreal idea to wear two masks for protection of something airborne, because sooner or later you will contaminate one on the other and I do not see the sense in that as you might die of suffocation before you virus gets to you.
  6. Well, a lying friend should better have my best interest at heart than just trying to make a fool out of me, otherwise I treat them as lose ends.
  7. Well, every knowledge you seek in the world is somewhere in a book and you just have to keep reading. Perhaps as you get older & have more resting time, you can explore. Books are it for me.
  8. Hey, Charles here. Nigerian, its nice to be here and I hope I'm welcomed. Let's bant!
  9. The lights have to be off for me, as a matter of fact, I like to stay in the darkness even in the daylight so why would I have lights on when the darkness has come naturally? LOL
  10. I do not really see the problem in that though I think for one, women take matters a bit far in everything because of their emotions. So I think to be safer, a man needs to be taller because it sends a signal of who's in charge by default.
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