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  1. I remember back in 1991 when I went to Montana for 10 days. The Canadian dollar was worth $1.05 American. It was quite enjoyable getting change back on the exchange.
  2. I know a guy like that. He is in his late 40's and is hooked on games, he is also a t.v. addict. Between the two of them, he doesn't seem to get out much.
  3. What we have here is a classic case of a failure to communicate properly, coupled with a bit of self promotion and false advertising. lol
  4. It all started in a market in Wuhan China. There they were selling bats and people were eating them. Bats carry the Covid-19 virus and when they the bats the people got it. Because we never had it before humans have no immunity to it.
  5. Congratulations, have you any experience on the catwalk? And will you be doing cover shoots as well? How tall are you? Modeling is tough, lack of sleep, working with cranky photographers and sore feet. But...you can make serious money with it, good luck.
  6. This is typical human nature. How do you know for certain that the person is wrong and that you are right? To walk away while presuming that you are right is arrogant and condescending, isn't it? lol
  7. I too know a little bit about depression as I used to get depressed. But haven't in the last 25 years. I don't anymore because I simply do not allow myself to go there. It is illogical and self defeating. As far as I am concerned it is truly mind over matter. One can train oneself to be either weak or strong, and to have discipline and self control. I believe this to be true.
  8. My plan is to live to 100 and then to get shot to death by a jealous husband. lol
  9. I am grateful that for the most part my life is drama free and that I have no financial worries at all.
  10. I know that this comment will not be politically correct but I have little sympathy for those who get depressed all the time. Isn't that just waving the flag and giving up? Isn't that just a case of feeling sorry for one's self? When things go wrong it's up to me to fight it out and fix it. Drinking a bottle of booze or swallowing a bunch of pills is not the way either. Shrinks and councelors don't give a damn, they are merely pretending to care. It's how they make their living. Then there are those who go to the big sky fairy, you know the all knowing God that supposedly loves us.
  11. I have this really tough side to me. It has been developed over many years. I just don't give up and do not have a reverse gear. I truly believe that I can deal with anything that this life throws at me.
  12. Let's try this again, shall we? It appears that one can only edit one time per post on here. O.k. frustrated...the F%$^ing issue seems to have fixed itself....cheeeeeze! (much ado about nothing)
  13. Post deleted/edited by LBJ...
  14. This morning I checked in and to my surprise before I had logged in I saw that according to the site I was online...but I wasn't. So I logged in and logged out to see what would happen, and it had me as logged in. So according to this site I am now logged in 24/7....what is going on?
  15. India seems to be able to find the money for an expensive space program, but has no money for Covid-19 relief for it's citizens and businesses. Something is not quite right with their priorities.

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