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  1. I do but I hate it. I passed my test at the age of 54 which I know is mega late but my mum was having trouble getting around and I wanted to help her. I can honestly say I never really enjoyed it and took 5 attempts to pass my practical test (passed the theory test first time). I have a car but only drive when I have to. Do you drive and do you enjoy it?
  2. I'm not really into gaming but I will take a look and see what's going on there. I wish Brad every success with his new site.
  3. Oh oh! Is Brad no longer with the site? I have only just seen this post and realised things are different but didn't know it had a new owner. I like it here very much :)
  4. I have to sleep in complete darkness and it must be quiet. My granddaughter who is 14 has only started to sleep with the light off in the last year. Before she was afraid of the dark. So lights on or off for you?
  5. I always read reviews to see what people think of a product because I think they have stopped me making some big mistakes in the past. I always leave my review for other people to read too. If the reviews are mixed I might buy but if they are all negative I certainly won't. How about you?
  6. Hello from the UK!
    1. sprite1950


      I have just joined this site and looking forward to becoming part of the community and having some interesting conversations.

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