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  1. I remember watching this movie on HBO a long time ago. The movie is very entertaining. Whether anyone realizes or not the movie has a scene where someone calls Pete (Tom Cruise) by his ream name.
  2. I love Biryani, however, I was not aware that it was middle eastern dish. I like all kinds of biryani including chicken briyani, lamb biryani, egg biryani, lamb bryani, even vegetable briyani. However, biryani is not very healthy food, it contains a lot of saturtared fats, which will increase your lipid profiles. I eat biryani only during feast and celebrations.
  3. If you are living in a country site, it is very likely that you have some land. If you have land you can plant trees or grow your own food. When you are growing your own food, you can grow organically. Organic food product helps the environment. Even if you are living in urban area, you can do terrace gardening and grow vegetables. You also need to use biodegradable packaging and stop using single use plastic.
  4. We the people elect the government, we put selected people on the power, yet these cheat on us. National debt is also increasing every year in my country. In our country executive power lies in the Prime Minister and President is just an honorary figure. In the last 3 years since the current government came to the power, the national debt has increased by three fold.
  5. I have one content website. I started as a blog, but later opened to guest user posting. My domain is registered with Namecheap and the website is also hosted with namecheap. I am using namecheap since two years and I am satisfied with their services. I am using shared hosting. I spend just about $55 per year for domain and hosting renewal as well as SSL renewal.
  6. I have accounts on various platforms, for example, facebook, twitter, linkedin, instagram,TikTok etc. However, I am active only facebook. I use facebook every day, in fact a couple of times in a day. I have friends, family, and colleagues on facebook as friends, therefore, I spend more time on facebook compared to other social sites. Having said that I do not spend long hours on facebook, when I ceck facebook I spend just about 15-20 minutes in each session.
  7. I like roasted meat, however, roasted mean is not very good for you if you are in the middle age or beyond. Therefore, I avoid eating roasted meat. Stew is good for me because it is tender, easily digestible, and can be cooked with little or no cooking oil.
  8. I am not a fa of 007 but I have watched a lot of movies in this franchise. I was not a fan of Roger Moore as a James Bond therefore, I skipped the movie. After reading the review, I am kind of fascinated to watch this movie. The story sounds interesting. Do you know there is also a Korean TV show of the same name? It is very popular in Asia.
  9. I don't know the TV show called The Exorcist, however, I have watched the 1973 movie The Exorcist, which is still labeled as one of the most scariest movies ever made. I just did not quick search on Google about The Exorcist TV show and discovered that it is a sequel of the movie. I might check the show.

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