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  1. I usually would rather call instead of text simply because I find it easier. Furthermore, it is a lot faster, and you get instantaneous responses. Which of the two do you prefer?
  2. Many people like to get the newer version of their phone every time it is launched. Do you normally follow this trend? Personally, I don't usually replace my phone unless it is faulty or lost.
  3. I've never really been a big reader. A few years ago, however, I decided to start reading regularly. I believe it's a great habit that keeps your brain sharp while increasing your knowledge base. Admittedly, however, I didn't keep it up for very long. Do you read regularly? If so, what kind of books do you read?
  4. I rarely use social media. Of all the platforms, WhatsApp is the one I use the most. However, that is not to say I use it a whole lot. In fact, I sometimes don't even open it for days or weeks at a time, but I still receive the notifications. How active are you on social media?

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