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  1. I use free call recorder for iphone it's awesome app for business calls and helps to record and share important calls in a few clicks. I don't need to make notes to save info with this app I can access and listen to my recordings anytime I want.
  2. BTW I found call recorder app for phone, that can easily record all phone calls (incoming and outgoing calls) and save time. I think it's a must have app for business people, teachers, as well as anyone who want to save important information.
  3. I'm active too. I found online video chat recently where I can make video calls and chat with people with similar interests. It's free app for Android and it's easy in use. As for me it's great way to find new friends online these days.
  4. I watched Battle For Moscow (aka Panfilov's 28 Men), a recent Russian war film. Pretty decent.
  5. Now i prefer calling, I really like video chats
  6. joombo

    Reading books

    One of my friends recommended Heroes Die to me, and this book is awesome.

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