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  1. Thanks Jay I really appreciate that, once it's officially ready I'll do that. It's most likely not for the audience of members of ChatBanter but if they would like to take a peek I'll post it tomorrow evening when it goes live and certainly happy to share traffic.
  2. I'm still around @sprite1950 but yes I'm on a new project but I'll be around from time to time. Hope you are well and keeping safe :)
  3. profile page looking awesome but i cant see what i am writing in the profile post.
    1. apathy


      Works for me on mobile and desktop D:
  4. [IMG alt="Lonely Miss You GIF"]https://media0.giphy.com/media/3o6vXUgk6M0h07MnuM/200.gif[/IMG]
  5. [IMG alt="We Want You Back Season 4 GIF by The Office"]https://media2.giphy.com/media/czE57x4A8axa3BlYkY/200.gif[/IMG]
  6. Brad P

    Hi Noble, You will get a badge for adding a avatar it's a little late as I've only just noticed the permissions was conflicting so all badges should implement correctly moving forward.
  7. What happened to the glowing username?
    1. apathy


      Check PMs on FF, I got rid of it when trying to find out what was causing Dark Canvas to bork. I didnt realize I was styling my name using one of your addons (i thought it was all with a shop item i made), so when I tried changing my style with my addon I figured they were clashing. but it wouldn't fix until I commented out a line in a .less file
  8. Hi Riker, How have you been :) hope you had a good christmas and Happy New Year too!!
    1. Riker Slade

      Riker Slade

      Same to you also! :) I am currently busy with exams.
    2. Brad P

      Brad P

      Ah that would make sense for not seeing you as much :) hope all goes well sir and you pass with flying colours :)
    3. Riker Slade
  9. Yo, what you up to.
  10. where did your colour username go?
    1. Riker Slade

      Riker Slade

      I do not know. I did not change it.
    2. Brad P

      Brad P

      That was a while ago... New customer colour
  11. Get some sleep mate, must be very late where you are.
  12. Loving the new avatar and red username
  13. Which companies, shops, service providers etc have annoyed you to such an extent that they have completely burnt their bridges with you, and you will never use them again? Mine are as follows - - Iceland - Now TV Broadband - Plusnet - The Perfume Shop and not that it matters anymore, but the electrical retailer Comet. They sold me a faulty DVD player (when they were quite new and expensive). They spent more than £400 in replacement parts to fix a £200 device, instead of just giving me a replacement. After two supposed fixes, the problem still existed, but they considered the fixes
  14. Check: [URL]https://chatbanter.com/threads/ranking-level-system.956/[/URL].
  15. Brad P

    Welcome Lee! nice to see you. Hope you are well.
    1. Lee


      Thanks Brad. Hope all is well with you too.

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