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  1. This is just a simple forum game that some other forums have, so I thought it would be an OK idea to add it here as well. Rules: You have to ban the person who posted directly before you, and you can't ban yourself (I can't ban myself right now.) You can pick a legitimate or non-legitimate reason to ban. For example, if I was to ban myself, I'd say, "Banned for having a spiked mask," or "Banned for taking stuff too seriously." Now you try!
  2. How's it going? did you get the maths results back?
  3. Good luck for today mate!
    1. Paladin


      Thanks! I just finished the test five minutes ago, so now I have a free day ahead.
    2. Brad P

      Brad P

      good news, relax and chill, what happened to the colourful username?
    3. Paladin


      I didn't really like the pink username, so I tried picking a new color and settled on grey. :)
  4. Well, I've finished my first math test. One down, one to go.
    1. Brad P

      Brad P

      ahh yes, how did the first round go mate?
    2. Paladin


      I didn't get the results back yet. I feel good about the first round, though!
  5. Oi Oi i see a profile posts back... enjoy :)

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