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  1. I watched the Black Panther yesterday, I know its been out a long time now, but somehow never got around to watching it. Yesterday, it was on the TV and I finally got to watch it. Its a lovely movie.
  2. My favorite ice cream flavours are vanilla, tender coconut and pink guava topped with a little salt and red chili powder.Sounds ridiculous that a sweet dessert like ice cream with salt and chili, but it actually tastes amazing and delicious.
  3. That is so sad and terrible that you cannot go for his wake. Did he die due to the Coronavirus? If these experiences you have had since last night, are the first time you are having them, then it certainly could be a 'message' from your wife's brother. Do speak to her and see if she remembers any of the things he might have ever told her, something he wished to do or something like that.
  4. I was also wondering where this disappeared all this while. But really glad to be back again now! Hope this stays online now.

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