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  1. Hi? I am not an Egirl but I do not mind being one. I used to love playing games and I know it is ages since I last played any but I am good and I want to start earning from games. I am an introvert and I love working from home. I want to increase all possible ways to make money Is there any game that you know of that I could play from my desktop and earn? I want to save and buy a console. What are your plans? Are you just playing games cause they are fun?
  2. I have suffered from depression for so many years now. I have been in and out of hospital. I have had people call me mad and bipolar and I just decided to withdraw from people. I don't know why it is so easy for someone to judge you as if their lives is perfect. I love working online cause I have my private life and I do not have to please anyone. I got off the prescribed medicine and now I just sit and work on myself. I started working out, I went back to it actually I had stopped and I am learning to love myself again. It is hard at times. Please tell me how I am
  3. Hi? What would you do if your president keeps on borrowing loans from other countries and never pays up? This is the case with our president. His term is almost up and he is just borrowing loans left right and center. He will leave the loans for us to pay up and it is not like we are making money with the ongoing pandemic. I am very frustrated.
  4. That sounds so delish I wish a picture accompanied the whole recipe. I love food and pizza is one of my favorite meals that I can consume at any given time. I have never had any pizza roll but I desire to make it after I have bought all the ingredients. I am sure it was delicious.
  5. I love social media. I love posting there and looking at other people's feed. I work in a beauty parlour so I have to look at what is trending so that I can keep up with competition. Just do you honey, post your life no one cares if it is real or fake. Fake it till you make it.
  6. The last movie we watched was Boss Baby. We had watched it during a family gathering and the kids had so much watching it. I love animation movies of late.
  7. Welcome Willsmith TO THE FAMILY. We are glad to have you here, hope you have fun.
  8. I am so glad the site is back. I had thought I was banned for no reason. Nice work admin.
  9. Hi? Today my sister and her family came to visit. We were so happy because it has been a while since we had seen them. We made a special meal for them that included both the red and white meat. We made both stew and roasted meat. The red meat was pan fired after we boiled it. How do you like your red meat? I love it dry though when I am hangover, I love it wet fry. How do you prepare the red meat? There are several ways you can roast your meat at home. 1. You can use the pan like us. 2. You can use your oven to roast it. 3. You can use a grill if you own on
  10. Hi? I had definitely missed this forum. I had never understood where it disappeared to. Hi fam? I am glad to be back and I cannot wait to recap what I had missed. Hope you are all well. Have a fabulous time.
  11. Hi People? Let's name countries. I will begin. Armenia.

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