Image credit: Sony
Sony apologized to hundreds of thousands of optimistic PS5 owners in the world. Sony was sorry because they could not obtain a pre-order earlier this week and promised to issue more consoles to pre-orders in the next few days.

Sony said that the pre-order method should have been much better. Here is Sony's post on Social twitter:

Sony confirmed the issue will be sorted and also added that more consoles will be provided by the end of the year.

Sony promised that they will be launching more PS5 consoles for pre-order over the next few days. Retailers will provide more information about that to the fans. There is loads of PS5 in store for the fans before the end of the year.

The UK arm of the Playstation social media team advised players to "Check at their local retailer about the availability of pre-order, as PlayStation UK does not directly sell consoles directly in the UK.

But fans think that Sony will not be able to meet the pre-orders this year. Maybe until the year 2021.

The price for the basic console is $499.99 in the USA and UK. In the meantime, the PS5 Digital Version is priced at $399.99 in America and £360.00 in the United Kingdom with no disc drive.

These PlayStation 5 consoles will be launched in the United States on November 12th and in the United Kingdom on November 19th.