News Couple Spends $2750 Creating Cardboard Cutout Guests For Wedding

Romanee and Sam Rondeau-Smith, from Bramley, Guildford, had huge plans for the wedding which was to happen in July. But they had to change plans due to current pandemic. They shifted the date to Aug 14. But, Even by August situation isn't anyway near under control. There are a lot of restrictions in place. Not more than 30 people are allowed to attend a wedding currently. However Romanee and Sam didn’t let them restrictions come in the way of their plans.

The couple was unhappy that not all of their friends were going to be able to attend the wedding. So they thought of an innovative idea. They created life-sized cardboard cutouts of their friends for their wedding. They got cardboard cutouts of all their friends and family to place at the wedding venue. They have spent practically £2000 on life-size cardboard cutouts of their friends and family so they can all ‘attend’ the wedding.

They spent a whopping over £2000 on cardboard cutouts. Now they can have 50 friends at their wedding with out breaking any rules, because their friends have been all made of cardboard.
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Well, you cant fault them. Its easy to mock at the eccentricity of the udea, but we need to consider their intense love for their family and their desire to wed amidst them all.

Just take it with a pinch of salt rather than a sack of it.

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