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    What is the real cause of flooding?

    There are so many causes of flood. It could be people's abuse of environment. It could be a natural cause like heavy downpour and volcanic eruption in the ocean that results to tsunamis. Is climate changed real? As what I read it's just invented by the scientists. Actually as the earth matures...
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    Certificate or College Degree

    In my point of you, it's not the certificate or degree that matter while finding a job. It's the attitude. Even though you've a lot of certificates or degrees but you have a poor work attitude, you're good as nothing.
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    Chat Banter Themes

    They're good. But why some texts are green. What I have noticed when the background is dark, the texts should be white or bright. If the background is white or bright, the texts should be black or dark.
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    Suggestion for easier viewing

    Well, it's up to us to find them if we want to interact with those less popular or no comment at all. We're free to navigate them here. Since we're looking for the topic which is appealing to us. Let's flex our finger to find them. That's the best thing to do.
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    Electric car company owner is the richest man now

    This is a good news. They're lucky. I mean it's timely that the air is polluted with smoke from the running cars aside the factory. The air pollution is at least being controlled. Why our government isn't adopting that kind of vehicle for it saves gas and environment friendly?
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    What is the cleanest country in Asia?

    What I have heard from my friends who work in Singapore, they're convinced that Singapore is the cleanest. I believe them. And no other countries I know that are the cleanest. Well-disciplined people I know is the Japanese. Nothing more.
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    Welcome/Introduction Thread

    Nice to see you here. It's good you find this site as an awesome place. There are a lot of discussions worthy to talk about and sharing your opinion to them. How are you doing now as a newbie or newcomer in this site?
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    Welcome/Introduction Thread

    Well, I think there is no problem for this thread is labeled as General Chat which means we could anything here unless you single your topic to a particular topic under the different thread or forum here. It's good that you found this site or forum a little bit more excitement as compared to...
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    Welcome/Introduction Thread

    I'm so happy for your warm welcome here. With your welcome message I feel like home. I feel that someone like you is interested to know me, interested to know more of what ideas I may share here for others to benefit with. Well, I'm working with some sites which I earn a penny by interacting...
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    Welcome/Introduction Thread

    Hi everyone. I'm so glad that I have come across site. I hope I could interact more here and my participation would be of great contribution to this site. By the way, I'm Nocturnal Thinker for I use to do things during nighttime when I'm free. Nice to be here.