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Witcher Confirmed - Returned to filming

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The middle of March saw movie and TV productions around the world postpone filming as we tried to wait out our current health crisis. With that, though, came a lot of questions about when filming (and life) could get back to normal, as deadlines for returning to work were set and pushed back or abandoned repeatedly in the following weeks. As we know, many other areas of life are now opening up again, and the producers of The Witcher have revealed their decision on when to get back to business with the most on-brand post.


The Witcher was the first major TV show made in the U.K. to shutter its production back in March, with that initial halt being set for two weeks, while the producers waited to see how the pandemic would play out. Obviously, nothing was able to return to filming that quickly, and I'm sure many meetings have been had about when would be a good time to get back on set. Well, we now know what those behind the fantasy drama have decided, and it comes to us via the most appropriate Twitter post for The Witcher ever. Take a look





Who has started watching or has watched the series? i haven't given it a go yet but after reading little on the story i may give it a go this the weekend.

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Even though the date has not been announced, I hear that The Witcher will be this year. I really liked the show. There is everything in this show, a great story, medieval action, romance, modern CGI, and last but not least Henry Cavil.

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